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Stump removal in Craven County

Our professional stump removal service is the most efficient method to remove those unsightly stumps from your property. The tree stump removal process varies greatly depending on the size of the tree, which tools are used, and how much care is taken. We specialize in efficient stump removal saving you from the painstaking work of trying to dig it out yourself.

While other services may use several different methods to remove tree stumps, we developed our own process that makes removal efficient and safe. We control all aspects of the process to ensure the highest-quality results, no matter how deep or large of a stump you have.

Whether removing one stump or digging out a small forest, we’re here to help you tackle your next big project.

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The Benefits of Stump Removal

Old Tree Stump in Trent Woods, NC
Stump removal is the process of getting rid of tree stumps, roots, and wood pieces by using special machines or hand tools. Stump removal allows for the landscaping to be more appealing.
Tree stumps attract bugs and diseases, which can spread to neighboring healthy plants and trees, or even your home. Removing tree stumps is an important part of maintaining your yard.
When stumps are left near structures on your property, there is a concern about the safety and structural integrity of your home. Over time, decaying stumps often chip away at the lateral strength of surrounding soil and this can leave much of your home susceptible.
Trees can greatly enhance the attractiveness of a property, but they also leave behind an unsightly mess when they are removed. For more information on how to deal with this problem, please contact us.

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Why You Should Consider Professional Stump Grinding

When you want to remove tree stumps, the best, most efficient way is to hire a professional stump removal service. If you don’t remove tree stumps from your yard, you’ll eventually pay a lot more for landscaping services. Leftover stumps will rot or feed on nutrients hurting the rest of your landscape.

Stump removal is a complicated process and it shouldn’t be done without thoughtful consideration. It’s critical that you hire our qualified team. We have the training and tools to safely and efficiently remove tree stumps from your property.

If you keep stumps, they will create problems for the people who visit your yard. Stumps make your yard look bad and can cause accidents. You should remove them as soon as possible.


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Stump Removal in James City, NC

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Tree Service Questions We Hear

What is the average cost for stump grinding in Craven County?

Stump grinding service prices vary depending on the size of the stump. We are more than happy to come an assess the situation and give you an estimate. All of our estimates are at no cost to you, and we work on a strict time and material basis.

Is it better to grind a stump or remove it?

This largely depends on the size and the type of stump.

Most trees have stumps that will not return after they are removed. These stumps can be ground away or treated with a chemical a long period of time

Other stumps have a high chance of returning and the only solution is to have them removed entirely.

Can I leave a tree stump in the ground?

Leaving a stump is highly discouraged. Nearby roots could push up the stump causing uneven ground and potentially damage your property or home.

We recommend have the stump dug up and either selling or chipping it into mulch.

How long does it take to grind a stump down?

It’s hard to estimate without seeing it, but  know that our expert stump removal service team can take care of it as quickly and safely as possible.

Our highly experienced team possesses the right equipment and expertise to get rid of the most stubborn stumps, regardless of size. We provide a variety of stump removal services including: stump grinding with a stump grinder; chipping or a mulch mower; digging out a root ball using heavy equipment.



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