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Making Tree Removal Easy & Affordable for to All of East Carolina

Large tree removal before and after

We provide top quality & affordable tree care services to the residents of East Carolina. From Lenoir County to Craven County to Pitt County, and surrounding areas. When it comes to stump grinding, stump removal, tree removal, and tree trimming, our clients trust our expert advice and guidance.

With over 10 years of experience in the industry, 100’s of satisfied customers, and 1000’s of trees serviced, our team has your back and best tree interests at heart.

Every job we take on is treated with a close attention to detail and performed by our experienced licensed & insured tree service team who’s number one priority is giving you the highest quality experience we know you deserve. This very mindset has empowered us to become one of the top tree service companies in Kinston, Goldsboro, and all of Lenoir & Wayne County.

Need a Tree Removal Consultation?

We provide professional tree removal services to all of East Carolina


Tree Service Assessment in New Bern, NC

Assessment & Planning

If you contacted us a certified arborist consultation would be visiting your home. A formally documented inspection of the tree using hand tools at ground level. A full report detailing the health and stability of the tree and the likelihood of any current or future risks. An overall risk rating of the tree and recommended steps to mitigate any risk. Think of it as a complete physical for your tree.

We can help you get the necessary permit for the tree removal.

Tree Service Estimate New Bern, NC

Tree Removal Estimate

Tree Removal Estimates are based on the safety, necessary equipment, knowledge and complexity of the job.

Safety is the biggest concern. Since Tree Removal process is using dangerous tool such as chainsaw and hand saw you have to have knowledge in operating it. You can easily ruined the job it you are not skilled to use the tools.
Each tree requires a specific way of removing or pruning. It requires a great knowledge to keep the tree healthy. The issues of a tree are not identifiable by untrained eye. A professional is trained to identify the warning signs of an unhealthy branch. A certified arborist has years of full-time training.

Avoid DIY tree removal on your property. We got you covered! We will have your tree inspected and we can share potential issues at an early stage to prevent future damage.

Tree Removal in New Bern

Start Tree Removal

  1. Clear the area. Allow the tree to lay flat on it is removed.
  2. Examine the tree. Determine the best direction for it to be cut and fall.
  3. Gather the right equipment. You need to be ready since tree removal process can last hours.
  4. Start the undercut. It should be 45 – degree angle at the bottom side.
  5. Start the back cut. Go to the opposite side of the tree.
  6. Move out of the way. get everybody a signal that the tree is about to fall.
  7. Cut the log into multiple pieces for you to dispose it easily.

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Emergency Tree Removal New Bern NC - Tree Fell on Car

Emergency Removal

If a tree is dying tree or hazardous call an emergency tree removal service. The structural damage to your home, damage power lines and can cause serious injuries or even death call an emergency tree removal team.


After a storm and heavy rain, always check the power lines and structure of your house. Check for root exposure and soil erosion caused by the excessive water.

Dead Tree in New Bern NC

Dead Tree Removal

If the tree is brittle or obviously dying, it is better to remove it. Dead trees are not just unobtrusive, they are dangerous. We recommend that you take it out as soon as possible, especially if it is close to buildings or places where there are many people, walking or driving.

A dead tree is extremely attractive to pests

A fallen tree, a tree that has been dead and damaged by weather or illness will randomly fall without any warning.

Diseased Tree in James City NC

Diseased Tree Removal

Diseased tree can infect other healthy trees in your neighborhood. It’s better to remove it now since it’s easier and less expensive. Diseased tree doesn’t produce leaves or fruits. It’s been collecting scars and complaints because of how it looks.


Sick tree, unaddressed sick tree can cause serious damage. Contact a certified arborist to check it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Tree Service Questions We Hear

How much does it cost to remove a tree in North Carolina?

  • Small Tree – ranges from $300 – $600. I would classify a small tree being 5 – 15 ft in height and trunk diameter no larger than 6 inches (easy access like yard)
  • Medium Tree – between $600 – $1000 and defined as 15 – 25 ft in height
  • Large Tree – ranges between $1000 – $2500 and 30 – 60 ft
  • X-Large Tree – ranges between $2500 – $4500 for a complete removal including the stump.

All these are just estimated price of the work. It all depends on the accessibility, duration, equipment needed and a team to do the job. 

Do I need a permit to cut down a tree on my property in NC?

For private and developing property it is required to have a permit before removing and pruning protected trees. North Carolina has Tree Protection Ordinances. It is used to increase the awareness of trees, encourage tree replacement, maintain canopy, and further support the benefits.

Trees in North Carolina can be removed if it could affect public health and safety of other trees or people.

Kinds of trees that don’t need a permit.
1. Dead Tree
2. Hazardous Tree 

Are there any trees that are illegal to cut down in North Carolina?

The ordinance must address the mitigation for necessary removals, such as species, number and diameter of replacement trees and fee schedule. These also must be mitigation and penalties for illegal removals established. No one can prune a tree or shrub without a written permission from the municipality.

Here are the most known protected trees in North Carolina:

  • The Tulip Poplar
  • Eastern Red Cedar
  • Magnolia Trees
  • Gingko Tree

Is it better to try and remove a tree myself?

Trying to remove a tree can cause a lot of dangers to yourself and also the health of your tree. Tree removal service needs a lot of work and patience. You need to have all kinds of cutting tools, safety gear and all kinds of equipment and it not cheap.

Hiring a professional will save you the trouble. We are trained in this field, it is our bread and butter. We guarantee the quality of our work.

Remember this few factors if you really like to experience removing a tree:
1. Safety
2. Necessary equipment for the job
3. Limited knowledge
4. Complexity of job




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